Bike Taxi App to elevate your business!

We help you to launch your Bike Taxi service with dedicated mobile apps and an automated dispatch software


With our new, improvised mobile app, customers can now book your bike taxis by a single tap. The automated system will dispatch the driver for you making the tedious process of dispatching to look simple.


  • User Login and Signup

  • One touch Booking

  • Schedule ride

  • Google Map integration

  • Fare estimation

  • Rate Card

  • Real-time tracking

  • Expected time of arrival (ETA)

  • Push notifications

  • Card Payment method

  • Offers and Promotions

  • Ratings and Reviews

  • Emergency SOS call button

  • Ride Summary


  • Driver Sign up and Sign in

  • Document upload

  • Online & Offline Mode

  • View ride requests

  • Google map integration

  • Accept / reject ride request

  • Ride Summary

  • View Pickup location

  • Earning Summary

  • View Ride History

  • Customer Rating


  • Real-time tracking

  • Fare management

  • Manage customers

  • Manage drivers

  • View statistics and reports

  • Download reports

  • Offers and promotions

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  • Native App: Developed in the dedicated language for Android and iOS.

  • White Labeled App: You can use your own brand logo for your bike taxi business.

  • Brand Awareness: By using Bike Taxi App you can make your brand notable among the people.

  • Available to customers all the time: Customers can use it whenever they need.

  • Improves Customer Usage: Apps make your customers reach your business easily.

  • Easy Booking: Using the app the customers can book the bike taxi in one touch.

  • Customer Satisfaction: The convenience makes the customer satisfied.

  • Improves customer faith: it is important to make a strong bond between you and your customer.

  • Auto-dispatching: The app can automatically dispatch the Bikes to the requested rider.

  • Manage dispatchers, drivers and Clients: In the Admin Panel the Drivers and clients can be seen.

  • Manage overall activities: the overall activities in the app can be monitored through this.


Automation of the business

The automation of existing system can save time and money. The manual work can be reduced, so that the time can be reduced. The automatic dispatch can reduce the service time to the customer and reduce human power. So it helps in saving the business resources.

Reduced response time

Customers can reach you at any time from anywhere. By providing them with an app, it is easy to the customers to reach you. You can also serve them at any time without any delay using the app. So it helps the business to grow high.

Reach deeper geographical infiltrations

Mobile apps helps your business to reach deeper areas. It detached the distance between the customer and the business. So not only in the peak areas that you receive bookings. So you can reach all the areas of your service location.

Efficient management

The right management of human resources and clients are most important in any business. The management needs an clear idea of the activities of the business. The app provides an easy and efficient way for handling the clients and the human resources. The processes performed in the Bike Taxi App can be monitored through the app. The driver details and the client details can be managed easily. Timely service makes customer happy. The driver and the passenger are directly connected through the driver app and passenger app. So the waiting time is less to the customer and it also saves the time of the company.

Prominent from competition

Small businesses have to invest in mobile apps to stay in competition with the similar businesses. Everything is going mobile. By offering a mobile app you are competing with your similar businesses. So you can with stand in the business.

Increased profit

When customers are happy and comfortable when using the app, obviously they use it frequently. When they are interested more, gradually customer demand increases. If they are booking for a ride they are not interested in waiting for the service. That’s why automation is very important in such places. Additional to the website, having an mobile app is very important in such cases. It increases your booking. When a customer downloaded and registered in an app, they a tending to use it again and again. The app helps in such a way. It increases your profit.


  • The customer have to download the app and sign in for booking.

  • When the app is opened, the location is tracked.

  • Two types of booking is available in the app: ride now and ride later.

  • The map displays the nearby bikes which is ready for ride.

  • When the customer clicks on the ride now button, the bike taxi is dispatched to the customer immediately.

  • When the customer clicks on ride later button, the bike taxi is booked for later.

  • The pick up and drop points are to be entered.

  • The estimated cost is displayed.

  • The taxi will be on the way.

  • The customer boards the bike taxi.

  • After the ride is completed, the fare will be displayed.

  • The payment is done by either card or by cash.

  • The customer can rate the ride as well as the driver can rate the customer.

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