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Take a moment to examine yourselves and prepare a resolution on, how you can be a better taxi operator this year.Try to answer these simple questions?


  1. Is the demand for taxi/cab growing?
  2. Do you have quality drivers in your fleet?
  3. Are your taxis/cabs well maintained?
  4. Are you passionate in giving the best service to your passengers?
  5. Do you want to win the taxi war besides TNCs

If the answer for some of the above questions is yes,please proceed further and understand the shifts that you need to make to win this market and grow your orders.You just need to make 5 shifts to achieve the 10x order growth. And they are,
• Taxi App
• Taxi Bulk
• Taxi Social
• Taxi Map
• Taxi Affiliate

Taxi App:

With smart phones becoming an inevitable part of our day to day life, Taxi apps has become the primary way of hiring a taxi. These mobile apps benefit both the drivers and the riders in numerous ways.

Apart from this, it will help you grow your customer base and engage it; communicate easily and instantly with all your passengers, understand their expectations and offer the kind of convenience that no other alternative can.

Instant Communication :
Mobile Apps ensure instantaneous communication. Be it a promotional offer or discount or a whole new feature, anything you need to tell all your users, can pop-up as a notification on their phone instantly.

Benefits for Passengers:
One major benefit of mobile apps is the quickness at which you can find a taxi by simply making a few taps on your mobile screen. There is no need for passengers to flag down a taxi on the road or make a call and wait for the taxi to be dispatched. Every process is automated and taken care by the app.

On receiving the booking, the nearest available taxi is automatically notified with instructions to reach the pickup location using GPS.

Benefits for Drivers:
Drivers using taxi apps also benefit just like passengers. They need not waste time looking out for passengers and cruising through the streets to find a passenger. All they need to do is install the app and get instant bookings if they are in the passenger’s neighborhood. The app gets in touch with the driver along with the booking request and they simply have to accept the booking and follow the directions on the map to pick up the customer.

Taxi Bulk:
Taxi Bulk is a concept of generating large number of rides by simplifying the booking option and targeting areas where cabs are regularly needed. Get more orders for your taxi company by adding your dispatch system with one touch booking solution called Taxi Central.

Once done, target businesses where continuous cab bookings are needed and give them the Taxi Central solution to book through a single touch. Ex. Restaurants, Malls, Recreation Centers, Resorts etc. Ease of use, reduced time for booking and increased demand will ensure large number of bookings.

Taxi Social:
Looking to create your own space in taxi business? The more people you reach out to, the more your business expands. The best solution is to use the power of Social Media to connect to more people.

A right Social Media approach is the key to a wider reach and the benefits are enormous. It is the best place to advertise your services and make your presence felt as there are large numbers of people out there looking for such services. In each Social Media Platform, there are unique ways to reach out to riders.

Facebook Messenger provides an option for passengers to request a ride without the need to download the app. All you need to do is customize your Facebook Messenger to suit your services and all FB users can book a cab by chatting with the Facebook Messsenger chat bot. We can also provide options for FB users to book a cab from your Facebook page.

Similarly, we can explore the other social medias to increase the visibility create brand awareness and generate orders. The other social medias includes Twitter, Google+, Whatsapp, Telegram, Linkedin, Instagram, Pinterest and many more.

Taxi Map:
Google maps is a handy solution used by many passengers when they transit. Google maps provides an option for passengers to hail a taxi. There is a dedicated tab below the map area to provide information on cab services in Google Maps.

On entering the destination, an additional tab would be displayed which let users to book a taxi without having to swap between apps on their phones. Right now, Uber and Ola Cabs are available for booking.Just go ahead, Integrate your taxi service with Google maps and reach millions of Google users and generate more orders

Taxi Affiliate:
Affiliate marketing is well loved by entrepreneurs &small and big businesses around the world because there is simply no risk. Essentially you can have as many affiliates as you can find, all working on a commission. You don’t pay them a thing until they book a ride on behalf of you, so you just have to share the revenue only when it is generated through the affiliate.

With big players in this market, taxi companies looking to expand their user-base should affiliate.
The best way to have a competitive advantage over these existing ride-hailing companies is integrating an Affiliate System in your taxi business.

Team up with Restaurant apps, Hotel booking apps, Movie ticketing apps, Airline apps, Health care apps etc., to allow users to book a cab to the places where they plan to dine, lodge, watch movie, travel, health check-ups.

An affiliate program does take your effort and time to build the relationship. Get it right and it can be a goldmine. So get started on building affiliations and be ready to reap the rewards




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