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Uber is a clear thought leader in the domain of on-demand business. It had a tremendous growth over the past years; their business model is proven and highly scalable. Ithas even inspired so many industries other than taxis and cabs. Uber for X is a model where entrepreneurs are applying the same model for various domains including Uber for freight, Uber for delivery, Uber for handy man services, Uber for doctors, Uber for etc.

Taxi operators across the globe were stranded when this Tsunami of Ubers, Lyfts, and OLAs of on-demand business came-in and wiped away a large market share, whereby creating a dent on so many small, medium and large local taxi companies.

These on-demand companies had some very good times; off late they are going through some rough patches with customer and driver partner complaints rising day by day. Investors are adding pressure to these companies and mandating them to run profitable business instead of throwing out too much goodies and offers just for the sake of acquiring large market share and make future profits.

Local taxi operators and entrepreneurs are finding a good opportunity now to learn from Ubers, Lyfts, and OLAs and replicate the business model and customize it to the local needs.

Here are 9 aspects to learn and adopt from these on-demand companies to run a successful taxi business

  1. Great Customer experience – very convenientPush a button on your smart phone and a taxi arrives at your doorstep, it is so easy and convenient. No need to walk around, no need to call a boring IVR system, No need to talk to a poorly speaking call center executive, No need to open a website and fill in 5 different details to book a taxi. It is now; so much simple and easy to hire a taxi.
  1. Lower cost per travel for passengersRide sharing can be a great money saver, when used for a longer period of time; it gives an amazing cumulative savings on every one’s wallet. Share rides will result in lesser cars on the road and parking can be valuable for the entire society as a whole.
  1. More earning for the driver partnersThe on-demand business is so good and efficiently servicing the customers with the right taxi and drivers get more trips than they used to get before this kind of businesses emerged. More trips converted to more money earned by the drivers.
  1. Utilize Google maps and GPS for better user experienceThe smartphone has become so common and necessary for many people across the globe. These phones are very powerful and have lots of sensors and features that is useful for taxi companies to service the client better. Taxi companies can know where the customer is when he wants to hire a taxi, thanks to the Google maps and GPS/ Location awareness capability of the smartphone.
  1. Easy and quick payment systemThe payment has become so simple that the payment is made online, instantly when the ride is completed. The customer needs to setup the payment in the app and authorize once. No need for messy cash handling, No need for any swiping machines, No need for any time consuming payment process.
  1. Powerful Feedback & rating systemThe passengers can rate a driver at the end of each trip, and the driver can also rate the passenger. Based on feedback the customer’s quality of service can be enhanced and result in a satisfied customer relationship. For the drivers the performance incentives can be decided based on the rating. The feedback system can also help the operator for any pending payment collections. In case the customer fails to pay for his trip, the system can stop him from booking any future rides before he clears his credit.
  1. Awesome Automated dispatching systemAutomation is the key aspect of these businesses that helped them to be so successful and scale aggressively to multiple cities and countries. No need for a call center that is running 24×7 with multiple shifts, staffing and managing these human resources is challenging and expensive in today’s world. For some people at your call center accent might not be good, some might be polite in handling calls; some might not, some might take leaves often, some might be long standing employees; some might vanish in couple of months. Automation is the need of the hour to make this taxi order booking and dispatching process so seamless. Automation is very cost effective over a longer term.
  1. Quick notification messagesCommunication is so important in any customer service oriented businesses; notifications are available in the on-demand business at appropriate times. The system notifies at various points, when your booking is confirmed, when you taxi arrives, when you start the ride, when you pay the bill, when there is a change in booking, etc. More over all these communications are done over the app without any additional costs of Text Messaging (SMS)
  1. Data Analysis and Management reports to improve operator efficiencyThe operations manager now has so much of details to view, analyze and take management decisions. The dashboards and reports are so exhaustive and detail oriented. These data are so important for any taxi operators on daily basis for effective operations and to enhance the quality of service for their customers.

Here are some of the FAQs when a taxi company is looking for a solution like this which can be serviced by us:

  • Is it good to buy an Uber Clone Script?

    Scripts are cheap for quickly moving to a MVP stage, where you have a solution, which could be in the prototype level, if you want a solution to test the waters or demo it to the investors, you can take this route. Consider building an enterprise level solution when you want to operate the business long term. Wrydes is an enterprise grade turnkey solution that is available off-the-shelf.

  • How much would it cost to build Wrydes kind of a solution?

    Wrydes is available as SaaS solution with a reasonable monthly fees; for small to large enterprises who would want to really focus on running the taxi business without getting involved with the technology or hosting or maintenance or performance tuning. It is also available for self-hosted model, as a white labeled turnkey solution.

  • How quickly can I have this solution up and running?

    It takes weeks to do minor customizations, brining up, and running the solutions whereas to build it from scratch and to attain certain level of maturity it could take months or even years based on your technical team.

  • Will it work on both iPhone & Android smartphone?

    Yes, Wrydes passenger and driver apps are available for both iPhone and Android smartphone

  • Will it suit small taxi companies?

    Yes, our solutions is so relevant to small taxi companies; especially the SaaS offering which has a low monthly recurring fees only.

If you are interested in Wrydes solution for your taxi business, reach out to us at [email protected] | +91-99764-24724 | [email protected]







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