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Automated Taxi Dispatch System overcomes all hassles of Manual Tax Dispatch Operations and it would prove to be efficient, cost effective & beneficial in the longer run. This write-up gives an overview of What is the need for an Automated Taxi Dispatch System and Why is it the need of the hour now.

Implementing an Automated Taxi Dispatch System is a crucial step for every Taxi Business Owner. It is a significant step to revamp the entire operations and move to where the technology is at its best. Apart from operational evolution, increased efficiency, reduced costs, revenue rise, improved transparency and ultimately providing the best customer service weighs up the benefits for this system.

Wrydes, our very own Automated Taxi Dispatching System is designed and developed using best in class, turnkey technologies with the primary aim of improving the efficiency of taxi dispatch operations. Irrespective of the number of vehicles in your fleet, be it in fifty or hundreds or thousands, implementing Automated Dispatch is the key and this solution can be customized to serve your specific needs. Bringing a change to an established existing system might be complex at first. But looking at it on a wider perspective, the merits definitely outweigh the difficulties.

The first step to this is to have clear change management plan with a well-defined approach. This approach should have mutli-phased implementation plan to ensure that every step in the process is smoothly transitioned. The advantage of this is that it ensures the project stays on track in terms of the scope, timeline and guarantees accountability from all stakeholders.

However this implementation will surely bring in a lot of change – Change Management in the organization should be the main area of focus. Managing the transition and handling the Change management smoothly will bring in a positive experience that will reap great benefits in the near future. Exceptional managerial skills, smooth crisis handling and regular communication between the solution provider and the taxi business owner are the keys to a successful implementation.

Wrydes Flow Chart


The benefits of automated dispatching will be seen in the day to day operations.

Drivers :

Drivers can receive requests based on their available location, find pickups easily, navigate to the location by routing through the map, avoid unnecessary bargains/hassles and provide a professional cab riding experience. The automated billing system eases the life of a cab driver as well.
Accountability : With complete automated dispatch in place, there is increased accountability as well. Drivers tend be more responsive to their customers and to failing to do will be automatically reflected in the system for the dispatchers/management to take action upon.

Dispatchers :

Dispatchers on the other hand, can track their entire fleet at a glance. There is no need to call the driver each time to check where they are located. The driver locations will be instantly & continuously updated on the admin dashboard. So dispatchers can constantly ensure that all the processes are on track – driver accepting requests, rides going on smoothly, grievance redressal etc.,

Customers :

When all processes are automated, it makes everything easier from the customer perspective as well. Book a cab anywhere, anytime by checking the cab availability, track driver location, view estimates, go cashless, enjoy new offers and more. When you make the life of a customer easy through your app, you are bound to get more customers. And the more satisfied the customer, the more the business.
Also when we go in for an automated taxi dispatch, there is more room for the organization to focus their energy on customer service and provide fantastic ride experience by evolving everyday through innovations & offers.The technology is a tool, and you can get as much out of it as you want. In the end, it is about using technology to improve business

WRYDES – The Best in Class Solution:

Wrydes is a comprehensive automatic taxi dispatching system built with best in class technologies. This system is a package of Mobile Application for Drivers & Customers and a Web Admin Dashboard that acts a primary control centre. Each and every part of this system, be it the driver app, customer app or the admin dashboard works in tandem to provide to smooth, quick and efficient delivery. Our Mobile Applications are available in the most widely used platforms across the globe – iOS and Android. Taxi companies using Wrydes see a wide range of benefits such as: more rides/day, improved safety – for drivers & customers, fair call distribution, great customer service and decreased operating costs.









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