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The cloud is pioneering taxi dispatch system never been before. Cloud mechanism is becoming inevitable part of every taxi business. Get into our cloud of innovations.

According to Wu: “One thing taxi companies should be prepared for is: How quickly they will come to be dependent on the technology. The technology is a tool, and you can get as much out of it as you want. In the end, it is about using technology to improve business.”


Cloud computing is shared computer processing to computers and other devices on demand. You will be ubiquitous and on-demand access to a shared pool of configurable computing resources.

Once the cloud solution is in place, and your employees have all been trained to use the technology, there is still more change to manage. New technology affects not only the work processes of the employees, but modifies roles and responsibilities. Increased efficiency might translate into fewer people doing the same job.

However, if employees are involved throughout the implementation process, and allowed to provide feedback, this can become a time of learning and development. During the transition, people with particular skills may have more
opportunity to play important roles and demonstrate abilities in new valuable areas:


An automated dispatching solution combines mobile computers in the vehicle and dispatching software in the office. In-vehicle computers provide real-time vehicle tracking for faster dispatching, point-of-sale transactions, and in-vehicle navigation. In the office, the automated software works to free dispatcher time, improve communication and reporting accuracy, facilitate instant financial transactions, speed service and much more. Think of the increasing population and demand.

Do you think increasing customer support could solve the problem of overwhelming taxi dispatching?

It would increase stress rather. Increasing customer service would become an unmatched solution for increasing demand problem. This would lead to further problems in the dispatching unit.

Thus an exact solution for this problem of dispatching is with adopting the new technology for dispatching. A successful automated dispatching implementation is the result of a well-built relationship between a technology provider and their client.

Cloud Based Automatic Taxi Dispatch System

The implementation of a complex automated dispatching solution brings a lot of change. If handled well, implementing the new system will be a positive experience.  There are a number of strategies you can adopt that will minimize the impact on your employees, and allow you to effectively introduce technology into the workplace.

We provide you the world class cloud based taxi dispatch solution. Our cloud service will ensure your safety and security.

You will be working on our latest version of software through cloud based auto update mechanism. No more local installations required.

Cloud solutions will effectively dispatch rides to multiple drivers across different locations making your business running effortlessly. In addition, this system will automatically select the nearest available vehicle and also eliminates the problem of competition between drivers.

So what will your taxi dispatch team do if and when they encounter overwhelming problems?

Wrydes automatically handles taxi dispatch efficiently. Wrydes uses algorithm for automatically dispatching on demand taxi without the need of a dispatcher. Wrydes itself provides and functions as a virtual dispatcher effectively.

Benefits of Cloud based system

A significant organizational transformation that occurs is increased accountability. With a system featuring automated dispatching and mobile computing technologies, drivers are more responsive to both their customers and dispatchers. Drivers and dispatchers see the benefit of automated dispatching in their day-to-day operations.

With their everyday tasks streamlined, dispatchers will be increasingly concerned with providing excellent customer service and resolving unmatched trips. An automated dispatching solution allows taxi companies to focus their energyon their customers.

  • Visibility
    Be Ubiquitous! You presence will increase your business and cloud based system will enhance your business. Your online bookings will be amplified through our cloud service. Your business will be accessible in several social platforms.
  • Accessibility
    The important feature of cloud technology is the accessibility that it provides. Your business is monitored from anywhere in this world. With an internet  connection and a device, you can even start your business overseas through cloud service. Cloud projects your presence to the Digital world.
  • Service cost reduction
    This type of flexible, dynamic scheduling can be critical for service organizations that are looking for ways to reduce operating costs. Customers increasingly want faster service resolution at a lower cost; improving worker output is one of the only ways to effectively achieve that goal.
  • Improved resource allocation
    Cloud improves the resource allocation for taxi dispatching. Automatic cloud dispatching reduces 95% of the phone time for booking.
  • Better routing
    Better routing can reduce the amount of drive time between jobs, and help technicians complete more work orders per day, but routing can also have a direct effect on operational costs. By moving from site to site more efficiently, fuel consumption can also be reduced. With the cost of fuel conƟnuing to rise, reducing unnecessary windshield time can be a major contributor to the ROI of the solution.
  • Scalability
    Our solutions are scalable with all size businesses. No matter, whether you are a taxi business startup or a well-established taxi owner. Our solutions will be adaptable to your custom design.W
    hether your fleet is with 5 cars or 5000 cars, implement the sophisticated technology for automated taxi dispatch.
  • Reduced response time
    An incremental approach to dispatch/scheduling automation is preferable. The cloud dispatch has reduced the response time approximately 95% comparatively.
  • Auto completion
    Our software will suggest auto fill locations beginning with addresses within your pickup area. It also tracks your current location and suggest you the required address.

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