What is Wrydes?

Wrydes is a complete Taxi management solution ― It includes Mobile application for Customers, Drivers along with Support and Admin Panel for Management purposes. The Support and Admin Panel comes on Web Platform and the Mobile Application comes on both iOS and Android platform. It covers the entire cab booking process in addition to managing the cab hiring and dispatching system through 95% automated functionalities.

How you differ from other app providers in this platform?

Best in class designs, automated Taxi hiring software with cutting edge technologies and applications with unmatched user experience sets us apart from the other providers.

Will you support us?

Yes, we are always there to provide continuous support to our customers.In case of any queries, feel free to contact us. Our support team will reach out to you and get it sorted as early as possible.

Is it worth a buy?

Of course it is. As a software solution provider, our corporate status is based on the quality of the product we provide. Our products always ensure customer satisfaction and performance excellence. And above all, we provide it at an affordable cost. It is definitely worth a buy and we assure that you would never regret this decision.

Is it a profitable app for small vendors?

Wrydes is an adaptable application and it is thoroughly customizable. Be it any form of vendors(Startup, Small, Medium or Large Scale) we will customize it especially for you and it would be at an affordable price. We guarantee that irrespective of the type of player you are, the app would be a profitable one to you.

How can I own the app?

You can contact us by sending your details through “Free Quote Enquiry” in our website and our sales team will call and assist you on further steps. After completion of purchase, we will provide you the login credentials to access the entire system and the application.

Is it customer satisfied app based on user experience?

As mentioned earlier, our product quality is a mark of our status, so we will definitely provide you a best application with the finest performance. Our Wrydes application is enriched with user friendly features along with easier walkthrough in the app and a perfect refinement in the design and development of the application.

Can I purchase the app with a single payment or should I pay any additional charge afterwards?

No additional charges,Application will be yours within a single payment.

Is it a plug and play app?

Our Wrydes is a completely developed product which can be used lively at the instant your purchase the application.

Should I pay for the enhancements in the app?

Based on the type of enhancement you need in the application payment may or may not be preferred.