Managing your Taxi Business has never been more easier

What is Wrydes?

– Taxi Dispatch Software solution
– Turnkey solution that works with standard equipment(both iOS & Android)
– Driver module
– Passenger module
– Web based admin dashboard
– Simple & Flexible

What Is Wrydes
Android Taxi App

Benefits of using Wrydes

– Increased brand awareness and customer satisfaction
– Shorter wait times
– Savings in customer acquisition costs
– Savings in online payment processing fees
– Detailed insights into your daily operations

Features of Wrydes

– Mobile App
– Driver App
– Customer App
– Automated Dispatch
– Prepaid Wallet
– Yellow Pushbutton Booking
– Facebook Booking
– Offline SMS Booking


How Wrydes app works?

– Customer App
– Login
– Get current location
– Request Ride
– Confirm
– Track Journey
– Payment
– Rating

Automated Dispatch

Wrydes is a #1 dispatch software solution for taxi, limo and delivery services. Wrydes has developed intelligent auto dispatch algorithms that Frees You
from Manual Dispatch

Benefits of Using Wrydes Dispatch Software:

– Manage drivers, dispatchers and clients easily
– Intelligent auto-dispatching
– Back-end system for managing drivers
– Smart Bookings List
– 24/7 phone and email support

Wrydes Admin Management Portal and Dashboard

The complete Mobile app solution to automate your taxi business